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The internet has opened up a plethora of opportunities that you couldn't have even imagined before. Management studies have always been an area that has offered students a multitude of options as well as channelizing then towards new career prospects. These days Online MBA courses are gaining ground and are soon catching on. This trend had emerged as a result of the growth in the Indian economy and its need to have in tow good managers who are knowledgeable and at the same time are tech-savvy.

Internet accessibility is rapidly on the rise coupled with the advancements in satellite technology; these changes have paved the way for online courses to become the next big thing. Companies that have a global reach are on the lookout for prospective employees who keep themselves abreast of things, and who are in the know of the latest trends in management and technology. Looking at the present scenario, earning an online MBA seems to be a cost effective as well as a smart career move for both professionals and students alike.

At present, the distance education market in India is expected to witness a phenomenal growth from the present US$27 million to US$280 million, by the end of 2012. The market for online education in this region is estimated to be US$12 billion worldwide. This exponential growth can be observed by looking at the innumerable online courses that are mushrooming and have takers for both domestic and foreign aspirants. Most top universities are making online courses available to students on the grounds that students are seeking to take up these courses.

While accessing the trend of Online MBA in India, there are two dominant segments that include corporate training along with retail education. In the case of corporate education, organizations are of the view that for the employee's survival and business excellence, they would require to have adequate training and development. The corporate companies search for candidates who have both these vital skills, without having to spend resourced to train them again. Therefore, the domain of corporate training is an area that is steadily gaining ground in India.

Another aspect that makes corporate training crucial is that there is a large number of new recruits every year, which could be anywhere between 3,000 to 5,000 new employees. There is an inadequate number of corporate trainers and infrastructure to train them. Therefore, recruiting someone who already possesses these skills won't require a lot of input from the company, making them more valuable.

While looking at the second aspect, retail education is another area where companies seek employees with expertise. Since our education system churns out more than 13 million students each year and there are merely 2,000 B-schools there is a dearth in management education. However, a solution of this problem is online courses. They would not just be cost effective, comprehensive and flexible; they would also meet the growing need for management studies.

Article Source: Jacob T John

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