Motivation to Study - The Basis for Learning Is the Desire to Excel

The motivation to study is at the root of learning to study. Getting good grades is a prime motivator for many students, but in and of itself, getting better grades should not be your only motivator.

Motivation is a structural necessity. It is the foundation seen for numerous success stories. But all too often your ambition and dreams get trampled upon before you even get a chance to implement them. Of course you really don't allow this to happen intentionally-or do you?

How often do you develop what seemingly appears to be a good idea? You may spend hours thinking about it-you may spend more hours researching the idea, but in short order you develop a sense of reality, and the fear of failure enters your thoughts. This is the self-doubt stage of thinking and once self-doubt takes hold-failure is inevitable. But, my friend, what you are experiencing is a natural cycle of the thought process, and if you fail to see this, you are doomed to fail.

This brings to mind two young men who had an idea and were successful in overcoming these thoughts of failure. I mention Sergei and Larry, two chaps who dreamed of a search engine like no other; and they overcame doubt and frustration by implementing their idea; instead of abandoning it because external forces tried to convince them that the dream would remain just that-a dream-and an impossible dream at that. But that's why today, Google is the number one search engine in the world.

And Apple Computer began in much the same way-two determined guys with an idea that today has become a giant in the cyber-world.

Why do some people become super-successful while others just seem to fade into the shadows of self-doubt or self-pity? The difference is motivation... that tenuous concept that either leads us to untold fame and fortune, or simply dies a slow death because one fails to believe in himself.

A motivating force lurks in your sub-conscious-waiting to be turned loose on an unrespecting tangle of negative thoughts from negative people.

You can read all of the self-help books listed by Amazon or the other major books sellers, but without a firm basis in knowing how to assimilate what you read, all of the self-help books combined will give you little benefit.

And that brings me back to the basic idea I am putting forth with the creation of this website. Learning to study is a first, positive step toward fostering the development of ideas. It takes specific knowledge to inspire creativity-so by learning how to study adds the cement to a firm foundation for your success in whatever you dream of accomplishing.

No doubt you hear this frequently: You create your own reality. I believe that if it is to be, it is up to me. So why would an old codger like me find the need to develop the ability to learn how to study? It's just this: even though I will celebrate the 40th anniversary of my 36th birthday this year (2012), I have a real need to study and, as a result, get good grades.

Back in 2005 I joined the Official U.S. Air Force Auxiliary, Civil Air Patrol (CAP). My motivation was to continue flying (at a much reduced cost) since I am a licensed pilot. But CAP offered many training opportunities besides flying.

CAP also follows the Air Force rank schedule-so to complete the many training assignments and to qualify for promotion and various qualifications I am required to complete a number of online and classroom training opportunities. Over the past six-plus years I have advanced from Senior Member (entry-level) to the rank of major. I serve as the North Carolina Wing Public Affairs Officer and am a fully qualified Public Information Officer, which involves participation in Disaster Relief (hurricanes, floods and other natural disasters) and I am the spokesperson for releases of information to the media regarding the search for missing persons and downed aircraft.

Although my CAP career is relatively brief so far, my motivation is strong to continue my service to my community and my Nation.

We as individuals are responsible for our own destiny. Some make it-many do not. I hear excuses about how "unfair" life really is. Some whine about how they are simply not as fortunate as others. I sincerely hope that you hold more positive thoughts about yourself.

Putting effort into reaching your goals, fulfilling your dreams, is a positive way to live. Life is cluttered with negativity. It comes from family and friends and others that surround us. Rising above this morass of self-doubt is no easy task, but to do this, to reach the heights, begins with filling your mind with the good stuff... allowing ideas to develop and grow instead of allows thoughts of failure to fester and fill us with a lack of determination.

Article Source: Don Penven

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